Apr 05,2018

EXTREME SURFERS and skiers alike are familiar with the term ‘No Fall Zone.’ The term is perhaps more applicable in the sport of slacklining, and Joshua Leopolz, a well-known German slackliner, just gave us all the proof we needed. Leopolz took the internet by surprise recently by stringing a massive zipline between two large rock outcroppings off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal. The line sat high above waves crashing into the rocks, promising certain death if he were to slip up.

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coast of Nazaré

This seems like a fool’s errand – which may be the driving force for the progression of slacklining in recent years. Leopolz set out on his way across the epic 100-foot-high slack. Confidently making his way from one side to the other, he didn’t fall.

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